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Small town living for many was known as a curse, but as times change it is now a dream many people strive for.  Small town living does have its unique struggles, and hurdles.  Strong bonds, friendships, and comradery isn't one of them.  As "newbies" to the oasis known as "The Village" we stand strong with dedication to our local friends who want to strive with their own personal small businesses.  These "Local" made products we carry are special to us, and mean so much to the success of our community.   As we support our friends we hope you will support our community as well.  

The Dance: By Joan Aubele 

Best-Selling Christian Inspirational Memoir 


Four months after giving birth to her third child, a twenty-nine-year-old woman is given a death sentence by her doctor. Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, she’s told to make funeral arrangements and say goodbye to her family. She has always relied on her religious beliefs but becomes the unsuspecting recipient of what can only be described as miracles. Twenty-five years in the making, Joan, or Joanie, as she is known to friends and family, humbly shares her triumphant story as an inspiration to all. This lovely, Deluxe 2nd Edition of her best-selling memoir, "The Dance – A Story of Love, Faith, and Survival,"

Hand Poured All Natural SOY wax

Local made SOY candles add a great aroma to any room.  We have "Small" space 4oz candles, and also "Larger" space 8oz candles.  Great for gifts, or just adding a special smell to your home.  

Larger Space

Candle Combo
1 Small, 1 Large


Small Space

ALL Natural 
Sea Salt Soap


Soap + Bag

Bath Salts/Bath Bomb Dust
By: Faith

$3.00 Each
4 for $10.00


Relaxation and Serenity aren't just for your time in the Spa any longer.  Take our small piece of heaven home with you, for the nightly getaway in the tub.  These bath salt combos are soothing and relaxing, the Bath Bomb Dust add a aroma and elements to your alone time that will help you escape into a time of bliss and serenity.  So many different combos and choices you wont be able to choose just one.  We keep these in stock, but feel free to order online directly from Faith. 

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